Watch Service & Repairs By Our Rolex-Trained Professional

Fine timepieces are the highest expression of the jeweler’s art and precision engineering. The best watches are mechanical masterpieces, with elaborate gears, springs and crystals all working together to keep you on time.

Luxury watches require a certain degree of maintenance and upkeep. Sometimes, they get damaged and need repair or even restoration. In that instance, you’ll want to choose one of Kentucky’s finest watch repair services. Our expert has been trained by Rolex, regarded globally as the world’s best watch brand. He is a specialist in Swiss timepieces, and will also work on other fine, Japanese, pocket and antique watches.

High Class Watches Deserve High Class Treatment

If you had a Lamborghini, you wouldn’t put any old parts in the motor when it was time for a tune up – you’d demand Lamborghini parts. In the same way, we use only original parts in our watch repair department. That way you can be sure your watch will work the way it was meant to.  All repairs come with a year warranty, as well as a clean, oil and adjustment.

Watch Battery Replacement: Quick and Simple

Everybody needs a watch battery eventually! Choose a one year regular battery for just $15 or save money by signing up for the lifetime replacement plan, only $35. We also provide in house crystal replacement, watch band adjustment and watch band replacements. No appointment is necessary for these services: simply come see us at 2202 Dixie Highway, right here in Fort Mitchell, KY!

Does your antique watch need some TLC to look its best? Sometimes that’s the situation. That’s why we offer dial and case refinishing services.  We’ll be happy to provide an estimate for these services for a minimal charge. Call 859-331-2888 or use the form below for more details.