Exceptionally Beautiful, Exceptionally Well Made

Schulz and Sons has been in business since 1953, and in all that time, we've never had two customers who were exactly the same. Everyone is unique, with their own quirks and traits that make them who they are.  That's how fine jewelry should be too: each piece is one of a kind, uniquely beautiful for a specific individual.

High Tech Meets Traditional Artistry: The Custom Jewelry Process

We can create custom jewelry in several ways. Some customers come to us with a ring or pendant they just never wear. We work with them to find a new design for the diamonds or other gemstones in the piece, creating a ring, earrings, or another piece of custom jewelry they love wearing. We call this process restyling, and it’s one of our favorite things to do. The transformations are incredible, and the smiles on our customer’s faces? Even better.

Sometimes people don’t have a piece of jewelry. They just have an idea, or they’ve seen a celebrity wearing a piece of jewelry they really like, or there is a family heirloom they’d love to have their own version of. Whether we’re starting from scratch or creating a look-alike piece, we use only the finest precious metals and top-quality gems. We equipped our lab with the latest in computer design technology, and you’ll be able to see your design come to life virtually before we ever begin work.

Matthew Schulz is our lead custom jewelry designer. His versatility and determination to please the customer have made Schulz & Sons Kentucky's go-to destination for custom engagement rings and bridal jewelry. There is no limit on what can be created, so if you're looking for a truly wonderful birthday gift, anniversary present, or treat for yourself or a loved one, choose Schulz and Sons custom jewelry!