Love Your Fine Jewelry? Have it Appraised.

Diamond engagement rings, wedding sets, and heirloom jewelry are precious items that add beauty and joy to our lives. Unfortunately, these gorgeous objects are often the favorite target of thieves. Jewelry’s small size also means that it’s easily lost, by even the most careful person. And sometimes, our favorite jewelry gets broken or damaged.

Jewelry Insurance is a Good Idea

One smart way to protect your fine jewelry items is with insurance. Securing insurance for your jewelry means that in the event of theft, loss or damage, you’ll be covered, generally in the form of a check you can use to purchase a replacement item. In the case of heirloom, family and custom jewelry pieces, insurance can be used to have a look alike replacement item made.

Appraisals / Evaluations are Required to Secure Insurance Coverage

Before you can have your fine jewelry insured, it must be appraised. A full appraisal is an objective examination of your jewelry item by a skilled certified gemologist appraiser. The appraisal records every pertinent bit of information about your jewelry that the insurance company will need to know, including precious metal content, the type, size, color and quality of the gems, and other factors affecting the value. This is all recorded in a comprehensive document.

Added bonus: if you ever want to sell your fine jewelry items, a full appraisal by a certified gemologist appraiser will help you negotiate the best possible price!


Why You Want Mark Gamel to Perform Your Jewelry Appraisal / Evaluation

When you have your jewelry appraised, you want that appraisal to be both accurate and credible. Our Mark Gamel is an American Gem Society certified gemologist appraiser with the highest possible accreditation. He has proven experience and expertise in the field of fine jewelry, with decades working here in Kentucky and across the United States. All appraisals are performed here, in our American Gem Society Accredited Gem Lab.

When insurance adjusters and potential buyers see our name and professional certifications on the appraisal documentation, they know the item description and value numbers they’re seeing are believable and correct.

Looking for an Estate Appraisal?

Schulz and Sons also offers an Estate Appraisal service. Estate Appraisals are used to determine a fine jewelry item’s liquidation value; a number often needed during the process of dividing or settling an estate.

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Jewelry Appraisal / Evaluation Done?

To have your fine jewelry items appraised, the cost is $80 for the first item, and $60 for each additional item. Appointments are strongly encouraged: call 859-331-2888 to schedule your appraisal, or use the form below to get started.